Distributed Audio & Video

Whole house audio distribution is a must have in every house. We can wire for several zones within the home that can listen to the same music source throughout or can listen to different sources in different zones. The kids may want to listen to their iPod by the pool while the adults can listen to their music off of a different music server or satellite radio. The party mode option is a favorite with our cutomers. The system can be programmed to automatically launch a selected source in designated audio zones, start a music playlist for the party, adjust lighting scenes, open or close shades or just set the perfect ambiance for any event.

We also design and implement video distribution solutions. Instead of cluttering the home with audio/video gear in every room, we install commercial grade racks that house all the equipment centrally. Video signal is then wired directly to the displays in the rooms, where with just one remote the client can perform all necessary control functions. Bluray DVD players would be the only piece of equipment that one would have to physically touch to place the DVD in the unit. Kaleidescape is a unique solution that enables the storage of DVD movies in a server. Once the content is imported, it can be accessed on all TV's in the home. Multiple displays can watch the same or different content at the same time with our video distribution scheme.