Skycourt offers whole house integration and automation services. The heart of a reliable home automation system is a Crestron Series2 processor. With its quick boot up time, the client can be assured that even after a power failure the automation system is up and running in no time. The processor will reconnect and check for the status of every connected device, e.g. alarm system, HVAC, lighting system, pool/Jacuzzi control, etc. We install customizable user interfaces, from keypads to touch panels to wireless tablets that allow the client to perform all facets of control over the whole house automation. With a touch a button the client can set a lighting scene for a party, launch a favorite playlist to play in designated areas of the home at a preset volume level, turn on the Jacuzzi and set the desired temperature, control the heating and cooling of the home, set the alarm from the night stand touch panel before going to sleep. With the reliable two way communication the client always gets a feedback indicating the status of a button press or a confirmation that a command has been performed. We want to put all of today's technologies into one user friendly interface that is easy to understand and easy to use.