About Us

Skycourt was launched in the telecommunications industry in 1984. With the increasing popularity of home satellite receive systems, enthusiasts were able to receive unparalleled reception which had previously been limited to laser discs and high quality VCR tapes played predominantly on Betamax machines. With advent of new technology, anyone could receive hundreds of channels with laser-disc quality video imagery and stereo sound. Local cable companies and local off-air broadcasters could no longer compete. The availability of a vast array of quality channels inevitably resulted in the evolution of home theater equipment. After years of experience in the satellite industry, we merged with home stereo and home automation. Utilizing our expertise we create superb customized systems for home and commercial environments.

Whether you need a "media room" or a "whole house" solution for distributed video or audio, computer networking and internet access wiring for a single family home, or the establishment of a conference room for corporate clients, we provide the solution that best fits your needs.

Our dedication to providing you with the highest quality service is unparalleled.

"Satisfied clients are the best form of advertising"