Welcome to the home of custom designs. Our goal at Skycourt is to create an audio/visual masterpiece in your home that parallels expensive commercial equipment found in movie theaters and concert halls at a fraction of the cost.

In our home theater designs, we assemble quality high-end components to satisfy the most demanding needs. Skycourt specializes in plasma display installations, home theater engineering, and complete house audio systems. In every custom home theater design, fully automated peripherals are incorporated (lighting controls, automatic drapery controls, and shades/blinds automation). Home automation controls from the desktop to in-wall touch panels make the user's experience simple and easy to manage. We carry a variety of smart remote controls to meet any budget and project.

Skycourt also offers networking solutions for the future home. The convergence among audio/video systems and computer integration is becoming the standard even in today's homes. Eventually, web delivered media content will be viewed on television sets along with cable and satellite programming. High Definition TV is available in all matrketplaces and is replacing old analog programming.

Free installations and free systems, offered by chain stores, leave some clients lacking the level of customization that are simply beyond the scope of a "free" installation. Sales people promoting electronic equipment to meet a "quota" are not necessarily looking out for the buyer's best interest. This is especially true in the satellite industry. When only large C-Band satellite dishes were able to deliver a large variety of high quality video programming, there was a separate industry dealing with the design and installations of the satellite antennae and the electronics that handled the signal processing and the movement of the dish. With the introduction of the Direct To Home (DTH) satellite systems, like DirecTV and DishNetwork, the access to the programming delivered by satellite became common, but quality installations and overall system design did not keep up with the sudden growth.

This is where Skycourt can make your buying experience an enjoyable one. With our expertise and nearly 25 years of experience in the business we can guarantee the highest of standards.